Indian Casinos — Learn the medial side Secrets to Their Success

Have you ever chuckled and smiled about the fact that many small Indian tribes run casinos and make all sorts of money for their tribes, wealth beyond imagine? It is rather interesting isn’t it? Sure it is, and since this is this intriguing tactic, I bet daftar poker88 you’d like to learn more. Well, it just so happens I have a great book recommendation for you, one which takes a look inside a example of the richest of all Indian Tribes owning casinos. The name of the native tribe is the Pequots — and the book I’d like to recommend to you is;

“Revenge of the Pequots — How a Small Native American Tribe Created the World’s Most Profitable Casino, inch By Ellie Isaac Eisler, published by Simon and Schuster, New york, MY, (2000), 267 Pages, ISBN: )-684-85470-8.

Perhaps, you have Indian casinos in your area as well. You will note a similar story, however the Pequots are pros at the Casino business, and they have the best consultants, marketers, and lobbyists money can obtain. Meanwhile, in this book you will be amazed at their accelerated grow, success, and strengths. They have build literally an empire. This is a great book and a great story, example, and sense of inspiration for other native American Indian tribes.

I highly recommend this book, and am very happy to tell you that it rests in my personal library, as their marketing, promotional, and ADVERTISING success are enough to motivate any start-up entrepreneur. Indeed, it makes me smile to see their operations do so well, as they entertain us with first class casinos. It is my hope that you too will learn more about the Pequots, their rich history in the America and even richer success in the casino industry. Please be thinking here, and get yourself a copy of this book soon.

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