Cheap Jordan Shoes Could be Counterfeits — Tips to Sort the wrong Ones Out

The air Jordan was developed by Nike for the NBA frequent Michael jordan, but later started adorning every single American teenager’s foot. Since these shoes are so exclusive, they are also very costly. At present, a higher end Air Jordan shoes repsneakers would cost you about $500 a pair. But still, people get the same pair of Jordans for a great discount. This is not surprising. But know how to check if the Jordans that you are about to buy are real or fake!

If huge discounts accompany your shoes, it could only mean 2 things. It is either a genuine discount that a few companies offer as a sales promotion or the ladies is a fake one. Here are a few tips that will help you sort the wrong ones out:

The hologram and Logo are two most important things that need to be considered while buying any consumer goods in the market. Do look into these if you get or do not get a discount for even fake products can be sold for competent rates. Go to the official website to know about them.

Look at the product online for their design and colour. It’s to match this you are about to buy.

Smell the product. Original Jordans come from genuine leather and therefore smelling the product and then smelling real leather will help you identify if this you are holding in your hands is real or fake.

Do not trust labels such as limited features or special features unless and until if such offers are being publicised on the website or any other media. If you do, the product is a counterfeit or is an old one. Either of them does not deserve such high price.

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